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classes at edom art emporium


COST: $65
DATE: Wed, March 1st
TIME: 5:00 p.m. at Edom Art Emporium

The class will teach you the basic skills to make a a stunning sun-catching stained glass feather. It’s a fun and challenging art form that can last a lifetime. Let’s get started! Maximum enrollment: 6 Students. A waiting list will be established for future classes or cancellations. This class will cover stained glass basics, tools, and glass cutting. Patterns for a project like the one pictured will be available. All supplies as well as a limited selection of glass will be provided. Additional glass can also be purchased in limited quantities from Edom Art Emporium.  TOOLS/SUPPLIES Basic beginners tools and supplies will be provided. These will include: glass cutting tools, grozing pliers, running pliers, solder, flux, soldering irons, and copper foil.

NOTE: Supplies will be provided but it is highly recommended that you purchase a few basic tools prior to the class which can be used for all your projects in the future.

Eye protection will be provided. Please arrive on time. Have fun!
Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes.


COST: $65 for the workshop at Edom Art Emporium